Best IIT Coaching

Best IIT Coaching
JEE is one of the toughest and challenging undergraduate examinations. IIT JEE requires top-level preparation. You need to give your full devotion and dedication for it. Almost every student in India who dreams to become a successful engineer joins the race of IIT JEE. One must understand that IIT JEE is constituted of two different examinations – JEE Main and JEE Advanced. To get admission into the top and renowned engineering colleges i.e. IITs, NITs, and Centrally Funded Technical Institutions (CFTIs) one needs to qualify both the examinations.

Benefits of Coaching

Cracking IIT-JEE requires ultimate coaching from experienced mentors. Coaching provides an invaluable space for personal and professional development. The benefits of coaching are wide-ranging and can benefit an individual’s career. Coaching has been known to boost self-confidence, exam performance as well as improves effective communication. Moreover, coaching takes learning to a level beyond remembering and cramming.

Benefits of Experienced Teachers

Experience increases a teacher’s effectiveness. A teacher with over 15 years of experience knows the exam pattern, types of questions, effective ways of preparation to achieve the desired result, better than a teacher with less experience. Experienced teachers have multiple approaches towards student’s single problem. More experience also results in an effective teaching methodology. CatalyseR has highly experienced teachers, who have been exclusively mentoring students for IITJEE. To prepare for JEE 2020, one needs proper guidance and mentorship. CatalyseR has mastered itself to become the best IIT JEE institute by producing a record number of selections. It has a well-defined methodology that works every single time with students. For JEE preparation and guidance, it is essential to select the best mentors. This is a one-time decision which will help you reach your ultimate goal. The right strategy and direction will definitely prepare a path toward success.

Availability of Relevant & Important Study Material

There is a lot of study material available in the market but rather than studying from that, you should select that material which is prepared precisely by the experts. It is important to choose refined study material for IIT JEE preparation. At CatalyseR, JEE 2020 specific study material is designed by renowned specialists in their particular fields. For JEE aspirant it is necessary to have clear concepts, regular practice material such as practice sheets, sample papers, and mock tests. We provide exclusive study material designed by IIT JEE Experts for students’ best preparation. Furthermore, it offers standard online test series ‘Shikhar’ for JEE aspirants top provide them actual IITJEE exam experience. The study material provided at CatalyseR is updated every year based on the updated syllabus and exam pattern which makes sure CatalyseRians are following only the best and relevant study material.

Why CatalyseR is the Best IIT Institute?

To crack such difficult examination students need proper planning. Planning plays a very important role in a JEE aspirant preparation. Hence, CatalyseR invests enough time every year on planning for JEE examination based on updated syllabus and exam pattern. Mentors at CatalyseR are always experimenting with teaching methodology to discover the most effective teaching techniques which would provide students the best learning experience. Our strategies are designed with the extent to produce top All India Rank holders in JEE.

CatalyseR's Past Performance & Results

CatalyseR is consistently producing brilliant results year after year. The institute focuses mainly on providing the best education to its students and guides them in the best manner to conquer their dreams. In JEE Main 2019, 83% selections were from CatalyseR and in JEE Advanced 2019, 57% selections were, in fact, CatalyseRians including 22 All India Ranks under 1000. CatalyseR also managed to grab AIR-24 through IIT-JEE (Advanced) Kanpur Zone Topper and M.P topper Dhruv Arora.
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