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“Wherever there is need of quality education, Wherever there are aspirations not getting proper guidance,

Started in 1BHK flat and only 3 students, this educational powerhouse has transpired itself into Central India’s Biggest & the most prestigious institute for IIT & Medical Training in 3 states, 8 cities & more than 10,000 delightful students. A reputation is now associated with CatalyseR in India that where there CatalyseR steps in, goes out the days of unprofessionalism in education.

CatalyseR has very aggressive National Expansion Plans to spread quality education all over India. To materialize the same, CatalyseR invites application from all parts of India for its franchise offering.

Why CatalyseR?

  • Unparalleled Growth Rate: CatalyseR has registered the fastest growth rate in India inthe least time of establishment, which is considered as a benchmark in the fraternity.

  • Legacy Of Results: CatalyseR is the only organization that enjoys the finest spectrum of Results right from the Junior Classes to Senior.

  • Innovative Edge: The organization has been known & acclaimed even by its competitors for its ‘Think Different’ approach when it comes to various aspects of serious educational training bolstered by some great innovative ideas in marketing.

  • Dominating Presence: Wherever CatalyseR has entered in the past then it just turned to be a matter of time before it emerged as a leader. Go through the history of CatalyseR’s opening in almost consecutive years in Bhopal, Surat, Nagpur& Vadodara& the rest will speak by itself.

  • State of Art Branding: Again, it’s all about innovations. To put the things in a right perspective & in an effective way, CatalyseR considers, is as important as doing it in the right way. Applauded even by the competitors, CatalyseR’s innovative branding also counts as high as its educational excellence.

  • Pride &Sense of Satisfaction: An organization that has never resented on false practices. In fact, the name of CatalyseR has been considered as a synonym for honesty & integrity. By being a part of CatalyseR, you are giving back to society. Not to mention the pride & satisfaction of being a part of an organization that has set off to fill the void of lack of quality education.

  • Concrete Management: Management body of CatalyseR understands the dynamics & is more than able of turn solid profits within a short time of commencement.

  • Result Oriented Organization: CatalyseR is a result oriented and passion driven organization. CatalyseR believes in delivering the results, which in turn brings a positive change in the society and a success in overall Organization’s growth & profitability.

  • Unparalleled Team of Experts: CatalyseR is associated with many big names of the Indian Education Scenario like Prof. Sumit Upmanyu, Prof. Sumit Garg, Dr. R.D. Sharma, Dr. P. Bahadur, Prof. D.C. Pandey … to name a few.

  • Exceptional Returns: Health & education have always been recession free sectors. Thus in education sector, being a part of an organization that has proved its mettle in different markets consecutively, such as CatalyseR, is one sure way to get exceptional returns.

What We Need?

  • Commitment towards delivering quality education to students
  • Understanding of the Competitive training culture of India and having ideas of innovations in it.
  • Willingness to build a team which can carry forward the legacy of CatalyseR in the same manner it has been, till now.
  • A will to exceed the benchmarks and set new ones en-route.
  • Long term vision
  • Entrepreneurial Approach.

What We Offer?

CatalyseR will provide its support in the following domains:

CatalyseR will provide training and guidance to all the teaching and non-teaching staff to re-create the mannerism and system from which majestic development has already been occurred.

CatalyseR will also help in recruitment of the staff on different levels so that we can build a team which can accomplish given tasks in efficient way.

With time, CatalyseR has developed innovative systems to create and maintain all the operative mediums in a campus, communication with other campuses and a properly functional hierarchy. CatalyseR will also successfully install the same as the support to the franchise.

The new system will also be braced with the phenomenal academic system of CatalyseR. We will be providing materialistic and moralistic aids to the new system according to a specific Academic Calendar of CatalyseR, throughout the year.

CatalyseR would no doubt lift the new system with its fraternity famous marketing strategies and promotional plans which encourage the persuasiveness of our system to others in the best way.

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