Best Coaching for IIT JEE Advanced Preparation in Indore

Are you aspiring to secure admission in premier engineering institutes like the IITs? Look no further than CatalyseR in Indore, a renowned coaching center with an exceptional track record. With an impressive 22% conversion rate, we stand as one of the best coaching centers in India, dedicated to paving the way for your success in JEE Advanced.

Experienced Faculty Guiding Your Journey

We understand that the complexity and higher difficulty level of JEE Advanced can be overwhelming. That's why at CatalyseR, we have a team of experienced faculty members who are ready to guide you every step of the way. Learn from renowned educators like Sumit Upmanyu Sir, honored as the Best Physics Teacher by the esteemed Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh. Additionally, Mr. Vipin Joshi, our esteemed teacher, specializes in laying a solid foundation for competitive exams, ensuring you have the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in your JEE Advanced journey.

Constant Test Series for Confidence and Improvement

To gauge your progress and provide valuable practice, we offer a comprehensive test series. Our regular assessments not only help you track your performance but also build confidence for the actual JEE Advanced exam. We believe that practice makes perfect, and our test series is thoughtfully designed to prepare you thoroughly.

At CatalyseR, we are committed to providing the best coaching for JEE Advanced exam in Indore. Join us today and let us help you reach your full potential, making your dreams of securing admission to premier engineering institutes a reality.


Why Choose CatalyseR For Jee Advanced Coaching

  • CatalyseR is the only institute with 9 JEE state/city toppers in the last 12 years.
  • CatalyseR has achieved 5 consecutive zone toppers and an All India Rank of 1 in IIT-JEE.
  • CatalyseR boasts an impressive AIR of 3 and AIR of 24 in IIT-JEE.
  • They have the highest number of freshers under 1000 ranks.
  • A total of 96 students have achieved ranks under 10,000 in IIT-JEE.
  • CatalyseR has a remarkable 22% selection rate in JEE Advanced. 

These outstanding achievements demonstrate CatalyseR's commitment to academic excellence and their ability to consistently produce top performers in the competitive field of IIT-JEE, thus making it one of the best centers to pursue jee advanced coaching in India.


Coaching Program Details

Curriculum and Comprehensive JEE Advanced Syllabus

As per the recent notification from the National Testing Agency (NTA), the JEE Advanced syllabus for the year 2024 has undergone revisions. While the subjects remain the same, there will be changes in the topics covered within each subject.


At CatalyseR, we understand the importance of staying up-to-date with the syllabus changes. Our experienced faculty members are well-informed about the latest updates and will ensure that you receive comprehensive guidance based on the revised JEE Advanced syllabus.

The main topics included in the JEE Advanced syllabus 2024 exam are given subject-wise below:


  • Physics: Units and dimensions, Kinematics, General Physics, Mechanics, Electricity and magnetism, Optics, Thermal Physics, Modern physics, etc.
  • Chemistry: General topics, Gaseous and liquid states, Atomic structure and chemical bonding, Energetics, Chemical equilibrium, Transition Elements, Surface Chemistry, Extractive Metallurgy, Electrochemistry, Nuclear Chemistry, Chemical kinetics, Solid-state, Preparation, Properties, and Reactions of Alkane, Alkenes, Alkynes etc.
  • Mathematics: Algebra, Trigonometry, Matrices, Analytical geometry, Differential calculus, Integral calculus, Vectors, Probability, etc.

Stay informed, refer to the official website, and trust CatalyseR to guide you through the updated topics, enabling you to excel in the exam.

Interactive Teaching Methodology


Our unique methodology involves personalized attention and care to the students which starts right from the admission process. With a scientifically designed 'Raw Brain Analysis' process, personalized interview sessions conducted by National Record Holder JEE mentors provides insight into a students' potential. Students are then organized into different JEE advanced classes as per their track record so that they may receive the best training to maximize their potential. 


At CatalyseR, we understand that the JEE Advanced exam focuses on testing students' application and analytical abilities. To help our students excel in these areas, we employ various techniques to ensure their clear understanding of important concepts.


Our interactive lectures provide in-depth explanations, while group discussions foster analytical thinking. We track students' progress through regular performance analysis and reinforce concepts through tailored workshops and handouts. With these methods, we aim to enhance our students' application and analytical abilities, thus enabling them to excel in the JEE Advanced examination. 


For more queries regarding the JEE Advanced coaching at CatalyseR, you can contact us here


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Steps to Enroll in Catalyser’s JEE Advanced Coaching Program

We offer three comprehensive courses specifically designed to train students for the JEE Main and JEE Advanced exams.


To enroll in Catalyser's JEE coaching program, follow these steps:


  • Visit the Catalyser website or contact the nearest office for registration details
  • Fill out the enrollment form with accurate personal and academic information.
  • Choose the desired JEE coaching program, such as Foundation, Engineering Orientation, or IIT Safalta.
  • Complete the necessary admission process, which may include qualifying tests or interviews.
  • For Engineering Orientation, the admission process involves a 'Raw Brain Analysis' conducted through a personalized interview session by experienced JEE mentors. Additionally, students are required to take the BoSoN test before the interview.
  • Once you clear the tests, check the fee details of the course you are opting for. If you are considering the Engineering Orientation program, make sure to inquire about any potential fee rebate based on your test results.
  • Pay the required fees for the JEE Advanced coaching program as per the fee structure provided by CatalyseR. Our team will guide you regarding the accepted modes of payment.
  • Once your enrollment is confirmed, you will receive comprehensive study materials, including books, practice papers, and other resources, designed specifically for JEE Mains and Advanced  exam preparation.
  • Make sure that you attend the scheduled classes and regularly participate in assessments, quizzes and mock tests to gauge your progress.
  • Stay focused, dedicated and committed to your JEE preparation journey throughout the coaching program.


You can be rest assured that once students are admitted to our coaching institute, they will receive the best jee advanced coaching in India.


JEE Advanced RegistrationThe NTA has not announced JEE Advanced 2024 Dates yet. However, you can have a look at the tentative dates for the JEE 2024 Advanced exam.


Exam Events


JEE Advanced Registration 2024 begins

May 2024

Application Deadline

First week of June 2024

Last date for Payment of application fee

Second week of June 2024

Admit card release

Second week of June 2024

JEE Advanced 2024 exam date

Third week of June 2024

Candidates response sheet release

Fourth week of June 2024

Provisional Answer Key

Fourth week of June 2024

Deadline to challenge answer key

First week of July 2024

Final Answer Key/ JEE Advanced Result

First week of July 2024

Architecture Aptitude Test (AAT) registrations

Second week of July 2024

AAT 2024 Exam

Third week of July 2024

AAT Result

Third week of July 2024


To participate in the JEE Advanced exam 2024, you need to register for the same. Here is a comprehensive guide for the JEE Advanced registration process.


Check Eligibility: The students must check eligibility criteria for JEE advanced exam before registering for the same. Students who have completed 12th or any equivalent exam can register for the same. The applying candidate must also fall within ranks 1- 2,50,000 in JEE Main 2024 exam.


Check Notifications: The notifications for the JEE advanced 2024 exams would be released on the official website. You can refer to the tentative dates above to track the notifications. Once the application form is available online, you can download it and start filling the same.


Fill out the application form : Carefully, fill out the application form with all the important details. Don’t forget to fill in the important details like email id and phone number as all communication happens through the same. Select the exam center nearest to you to take the JEE advanced exam. 


Upload Documents: Upload the necessary documents to the application. Below are the documents to be uploaded for JEE advanced registration:


  • 12th or equivalent certificate
  • Category certificate (if required)
  • PwD Certificate (if required)
  • Date of Birth Proof
  • PIO/OCI certificate


Pay Application Fees: Some states/UTs may require candidates to pay a registration fee along with the application form. Check the official notification or the application form guidelines to know the applicable fee amount and payment procedure. Pay the fee through the specified mode (online/offline) within the given deadline.


Submit the Application: Once the application form has been duly filled and the necessary documents attached, ensure that you submit the application form within the deadline.


JEE Advanced Result

JEE advanced result 2024 will be tentatively released by June/July 2024. All the candidates who appeared for the JEE advanced exam can check their scores at the official website- jeeadv.ac.in. Candidates have to enter their details like registration number and password to check their JEE advanced result. 


The online registration for JEE Advanced Counseling 2024 will usually take place within one or two days after the JEE advanced result has been declared. Hence, students can check the JEE 2024 answer key in advance to determine the colleges they would be eligible to apply for. This helps them assess their performance and make informed decisions about their college choices based on their expected scores. 


Please note that it is mandatory for candidates to register for JEE Advanced counseling 2024. It is only through this counseling process, seats in respective colleges will be allocated to the eligible candidates of JEE advanced exam.


CatalyseR has a remarkable 22% selection rate in JEE Advanced. CatalyseR has achieved 5 consecutive zone toppers and an All India Rank of 1, 3, 24 in IIT-JEE. More than 96 students also achieved ranks under AIR 10,000. With such remarkable achievements, CatalyseR provides one of the best coaching for JEE advanced exam

Our expert mentors ensure that our students acquire a thorough understanding of concepts through their guidance sessions. Additionally, the extensive study materials and frequent examinations boosts the confidence of your child. All the directors at CatalyseR are also exceptional mentors who motivate our students to strive for improvement and reach their full potential. The inculcation of discipline and right values also goes a long way in achieving success for your kids beyond these examinations.

Yes. We periodically access our students through different mock tests to test their understanding of different concepts. Additionally, you can also get free mock test papers for your preparation of JEE advanced exam at this link Free Mock Papers

We offer three programs specifically designed to help students excel in the JEE Main and JEE Advanced Exams. Our Foundation course is available for students from classes 6 to 10, aiming to introduce them to the concepts early on and establish a strong foundation. In addition to this, we have Engineering Orientation and IIT Safalta programs which provide personalized coaching for the JEE Main and JEE Advanced exams. Admission to these programs is based on the Boson test and raw brain analysis process scientifically designed to evaluate each student’s potential.
You can also apply for scholarships to these programs based on the results of your Boson test.

You can connect with us by filling out the enquiry form at the following link: - Contact Us. Alternatively, you can visit one of our three offices in Indore. The details of our office locations are provided on the same link.
Feel free to call us at 9109120115 for any immediate queries or concerns
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