Best NTSE Coaching Classes in Indore

For the purpose of identifying and recognizing individuals with exceptional academic talent and high intelligence, India has implemented the NTSE scholarship program.


NTSE is among India's most prestigious exams. It offers scholarships to chosen students from the 10th grade through the graduate level.


CatalyseR acknowledges the significance of NTSE exams in a student's future and focuses on giving students a strong foundation to excel in NTSE exams.


Why Choose CatalyseR Institute for NTSE Coaching in Indore

CatalyseR is the best coaching institute for NTSE aspirants in Indore. Competitive workshops are held by CatalyseR for tests like the NTSE.


  • Raw Brain Analysis is emphasised.
  • Interviews are used to determine admission.
  • Constant Test Series
  • Experienced Faculty Team
  • Learn advanced physics concepts from Sumit Upmanyu Sir (Rewarded as the Best Teacher for Physics by the Honourable Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh).
  • Utilise the assistance of NTSE Guru Prof. Vipin Joshi to lay the foundation for the competitive exam.
  • 1400+ NTSE selections, 6 times city topper.
  • 5500+ Board Champions- X CBSE
  • 5 International Olympiad medals
  • 127 Physics/ Chemistry Olympiad selections
  • Honourable Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister, honoured Professors Vipin Joshi and Sumit Upmanyu as the Best Teachers.
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