Best Books for Physics to Prepare for JEE Main + Advanced

Best Books for Physics to Prepare for JEE Main + Advanced

Best Books for Physics to Prepare for JEE Main + Advanced

Students preparing for the JEE somewhere believe that Physics is more significant than Mathematics or Chemistry. Does the same question linger in your mind? Physics is one of the challenging subjects for aspirants studying in the 11th and 12th science streams. In JEE, equal importance is given to all 3 subjects, Physics topics demand more practical reasoning and are exciting to learn when concepts are decoded revealing real facts. In general, Physics is all about the things occurring in nature and around us. Hence, it utilizes a lot of mathematical applications. It helps to understand the theories behind the universal phenomenon. JEE Physics questions are majorly based on applying general physics concepts with some logic. Referring to too many books creates unnecessary pressure and multiplies the workload. Candidates may study multiple Physics books, but if your objective is to score high in JEE Mains and JEE Advanced, it is preferable to choose one or two excellent Physics books for JEE Mains and Advanced from the list below and solve previous year's question papers. These are some of the best books for JEE mains and advanced that are important for IIT JEE preparation; our students at Catalyser have managed to yield the best results. We are 9 times Indore city topper in the last 12 years. It is difficult for us to wrap up all important topics, concepts, and practice questions by naming a single book from the market. A list of best IIT JEE books for JEE main has been recommended by toppers as well as renowned institutes is available in this article. So, in this article, you will get a brief about the best books for IIT JEE. Check them out!

Best Books for Jee Mains and Advanced Physics Preparation 2024, 2025

S.No Authors / Publisher Name of Books Comments
1 H.C. Verma Concepts of Physics Vol I and II Considered as the best book for Physics
2 D.C Pandey IIT Physics Often chosen by toppers, included comprehensive explanations
3 I.E. Irodov Problems in General Physics Good book for practising JEE Advanced problems
4 Halliday, Resnick & Walker Funcamentals of Physics Good book for practising JEE Advanced problems
5 S.S. Krotov Aptitude Test Problems in Physics Good book for practising JEE Advanced problems
6 Nelkon and Parker Advance Physics Good book for practising JEE Advanced problems
7 S.L. Loney Dynamics of a Particle & of Rigid Bodies For reference, if required
8 V. Zubov & V. Shainov Problem in Physics For reference, if required
9 A.A Pinsky Problem in Physics For reference, if required
10 S.L Loney Elements of Dynamics Part I and II For reference, if required
11 Tipler Physics Vols I & II For reference, if required
12 R.P. Feynman Feynman Lectures on Physics includes Good Explanations

Concepts of Physics for JEE - Volume I & II by H C Verma

H C Verma's Concepts Of Physics is one of the best IIT JEE books that intricately spells the ABC of physics, making it a great book for not just higher secondary students, but also those preparing for competitive examinations like IIT JEE main. Additionally, HC Verma's tone is ideal for JEE aspirants. The questions are similar to brain teasers, and help students enhance their critical thinking skills. It covers all subjects with a high level of difficulty.

Understanding Physics, New Pattern JEE problems Physics, D.C Pandey

Physics is a key subject, particularly in highly competitive exams like JEE Main & Advanced, which determine your basic understanding and IIT selections. To score well, you must have a solid conceptual base coupled with practical implementation. Categorized as one of the best IIT Jee books for JEE Main & Advanced" has been designed to comply with the most recent JEE Exam Pattern by providing a good collection of Objective Questions. This book serves as an in-depth practice guide and includes a good number of practice questions.

Problems in General Physics, I.E. Irodov

It provides solid conceptual questions on a variety of topics. This is one of the best physics books for JEE exam preparation as it provides a range of practice problem-solving questions. This classic physics book is designed to serve as a foundational textbook, supporting students in learning concepts in preparation for various competitive examinations. At the start of each chapter, you'll find a summary of important formulas to help you understand the key ideas better. Within each chapter, there are clear explanations given in simple points to help you grasp the basic concepts easily. The book also includes solved problems and hints in some cases to help you understand the concepts even better.

Fundamentals of Physics, Halliday, Resnick & Walker

This Physics book for JEE exam preparation includes a wealth of knowledge that will help you understand the subject. This book can be utilized to gain detailed physics information for the JEE Advanced exam and is the best physics book for JEE and Main preparation.

Aptitude Test Problems in Physics, S.S. Krotov

This Classic Texts Series is a one-of-a-kind collection of classic compositions that began as the best physics books for Jee Advanced and continues to be the same today as well. It is an excellent supplementary text that assists its readers in developing an intuitive understanding of modern physics itself. All of the questions in these volumes contain explanatory hints and solutions at the end. Large numbers of problems are included in this jee advanced books that allow for extensive practice of various concepts that are addressed. With built-in practice sets and thorough real-world solutions, it also aids in improving practical knowledge.

Advance Physics, Nelkon, and Parker

This textbook is designed for advanced-level students of physics and covers topics like Mechanics and Properties of Matter, Heat, Optics, and Sound. This book for practicing JEE Advanced problems aims to present the physical aspect of topics and provide mathematical arguments for a thorough understanding. The book also presents numerous examples from coast examination papers to help students in IIT JEE preparation.

Dynamics of a Particle & of Rigid Bodies, S.L. Loney

The book is a worldwide acceptable book mainly for students opting for Mathematics and Physics. In addition to a discussion of the approaches used to solve the equations, the book's back contains the answers. The majority of the examples were gathered from several previous university and college examination papers.

Problem in Physics, V. Zubov & V. Shainov

It is one of the best books for jee main physics and advanced physics as the book is a precise blend of formulas, numerical, and previous year questions. The writers made an effort to draw the reader's attention to those postulates and laws of physics where students make the most mistakes. It aids in developing an intuitive for understanding physics further.

Problem in Physics, A.A Pinsky

This is a classic physics book with problems ranging from simple to very challenging. The problems in the book cover a wide range of topics, from those that require basic differentiating and integrating skills to those that involve numerical methods. These exercises are designed to help students build skills in the creative application of theory. Most of the problems are provided with hints and answers.

Elements of Dynamics Part I and II, S.L Loney

This is one of the best-seller books for iit jee. These classic texts have been developed to function as elementary textbooks, which play an important role in developing concepts from scratch, as in-depth knowledge of concepts is required for students studying for various entrance examinations like jee advanced, and iit jee physics.

Physics Vols I & II, Tipler

Physics Volume 1 is a high-school textbook and is considered one of the best books for jee and advanced physics. It explains the fundamental concepts of general physics, preparing students for a more advanced study in the field. The book covers topics such as mechanics, statics, and dynamics, assisting students in understanding how physics evolved from basic mathematical and general science principles.

Feynman Lectures on Physics, R.P. Feynman

The collection of Feynman Lectures on Physics is essential reading for anyone wanting to advance their profession and crack competitive exams like iit jee physics, or jee advanced. These selected books will help science graduates become experts in their field and will serve as the perfect guides throughout their academic journeys. Note: Quality is more important than quantity when studying for the IIT JEE Main exam. You should be familiar with the JEE syllabus and avoid subjects or questions that are not appropriate for the exam. Don't try to finish all the books for IIT JEE preparation. Simply look at the methods used to solve the problems and try to apply those methods when giving tests. Problem-solving will always assist you in clearing all of your doubts and solving various problems relating to that topic. Most importantly, resolve previous year's question papers from the best books for JEE preparation listed above, particularly the subjective questions presented in previous JEE Main physics exams, which will give you an idea of your weak and strong areas. Hope this information contributes to your JEE Main preparation.

Catalyser's IIT JEE Preparation Study Plan 2023

Here are a few steps suggested by Catalyser to make your study plan more effective:

Determine your goals

What do you hope to achieve by taking the JEE Main and Advanced? By establishing goals, individuals and entities can prioritize tasks, track progress, stay motivated, and change strategy when needed. Goals act as a road map, assisting in defining success and keeping track of accomplishments, ultimately resulting in increased effectiveness. Knowing your objectives will aid in your motivation and focus as you prepare for the examination.

Understand the exam format

Familiarity with the exam format boosts confidence and enhances performance as applicants can adjust their approach to match the specific requirements of the exam, resulting in a more organized and productive examination experience. Learn the structure and subject matter of the JEE advanced exam so you will be prepared for the exam. You can find information about the exam on the official JEE website or through study materials and going through the best books for jee mains and advanced.

Create a schedule

Make a timetable that works for you and break up your study time into segments. Make sure to give each subject enough time, as well as set breaks for rest and recharge times.

Review previous exam papers

An excellent strategy to prepare for the examination is to solve previous JEE exams and you can get this information from going through the best books for JEE mains and advanced. It will help you decide where you should put your study efforts and give you an idea of what the exam is going to be like.

Practice, Practice, and Practice

You will become more adept at problem-solving while you practice, which will boost your confidence on the day of the competitive jee main exam. A large amount of time should be set aside to practice problems and review your solutions. Catalyser has listed some of the potential best books for jee preparation that will help you with the practice sessions.

Seek help if needed

If you're having trouble with a specific concept or subject while doing jee main preparation, don't be afraid to seek assistance from a tutor, teacher, institution, or study group. It is preferable to seek assistance early on rather than letting a lack of understanding hold you back. Catalyser's well-structured study plan serves as a road map for students preparing for jee main and advanced exam, assuring systematic coverage of the wide course. It helps in organizing study sessions, the establishment of achievable goals, and the efficient management of time, ultimately lowering stress and eliminating last-minute studying for exams. Catalyser also provides its students with the best books for jee mains and advanced to smoothen their preparation journey.


Remember that success is a collection of little efforts performed day by day. Catalyser always shares the path and serves as a torchbearer in the success journey of every student. So, if you want to crack JEE Main and Advanced with higher grades, make sure to complete the small tasks you set for yourself every day. These efficient books for iit jee are sure to bring you success and prepare you for the Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics sections. To develop a strong grip on these subjects, understand the subjects thoroughly, and practice several questions from these books,  you will start scoring high as well.


Start your preparation with the NCERT Textbooks and work your way through the entire jee syllabus. Once you have completed the NCERT textbooks, start referring to the best books for jee preparation. IIT Toppers also recommends NCERT textbooks for students starting their preparation.

The best physics books for Jee Advanced as suggested by IIT toppers to grasp the concept of modern physics are:

  • Understanding Physics, New Pattern JEE problems Physics, D.C Pandey
  • Aptitude Test Problems in Physics, S.S. Krotov
  • Fundamentals of Physics, Halliday, Resnick & Walker
  • Concise Inorganic Chemistry by JD Lee
There are a lot of books for IIT JEE preparation available in the market, but success comes with efficient time management and practice.

Catalyser's curriculum is personalized to individuals' particular skills and weaknesses, allowing them to focus more on difficult areas while reinforcing their strengths and helping in understanding physics as a whole. Catalyser has produced 5 IIT Toppers in the city and an All India Rank of 1.
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