How toppers build foundation for JEE & NEET in Class 9th and 10th

How toppers build foundation for JEE & NEET in Class 9th and 10th

How toppers build foundation for JEE & NEET in Class 9th and 10th”

Learning from toppers has always been considered to be the best way possible for strategizing your preparations and deciphering the Real Success Mantras that aids your overall plan to upscale your performance in any type of examinations you face. The little tips and tricks shared by our toppers sets the standards for other aspirants. But we must also consider the fact that every mind is different, every individual carries different traits and not everything works for everyone in the same manner.

Speaking exclusively about the preparations, many of the toppers have accepted and proclaimed the fact that they have started building their foundations with the dream to enter into the most prestigious educational institutions of India right from 9th standard. For other individuals, it is just a relaxing time, as they have just finished their primary level of education and everything seems new for them.But pre-planning has always been the forte of all the toppers that accelerates their efforts to meet their dream.

The differences in the learning attitudes vary from student to student, but one important thing is - having a clear mindset of when you are going to put in everything, whether it is the class 9th or even 9 months before the boxing day.

Exams like JEE are analytical and require a concepts-based preparation which keeps on testing your intelligence quotient time to time, whether it is the preparation or the exam itself. These exams can be decoded right from the foundational levels as everything starts from the basics and aptitudes. The concepts of 9th and 10th standard help to master the calculations, infuse the concepts and inculcate the practice for the years to come. Getting serious right from here, saves a lot of time later on, that most rankers say yes to. By saving time, we mean, not going back to the old concepts, not revising the aptitude and not cramming the calculations. It is always about the concepts and the concepts must be instilled right from where and when it was needed to.

When it comes to laying the right foundations on which you can construct your planned strategy to reach the top, it is advised to forefront the competition and appear in the examinations like Olympiads (Maths, Science, English, etc.) and also navigate your preparations through KVPY (Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana) exam and NTSE (national Talent Search Exams) right from the 9th standard. This will keep up your zeal and achieving in these examinations makes the way easier to one of the toughest exams of the nation.

The three stages (or as we call them - 3 Ps to success) that every topper follows in order to excel in the examinations like JEE and NEET, are as follows -

  • Planning - With right planning you can achieve the best and beyond. Researching and analysing your career goals and targets is the first step to the planning process we are talking about. This brings clarity and aids to strategize a roadmap of the milestones, turning points and learning opportunities.
  • Prioritizing - Now, you have a roadmap, a set target and a plethora of ways to reach there. But what you prioritize now will be your fruit later. Making a step wise list and scrutinizing the created roadmap into the set of priorities is the next step in the process. Hit the bull’s eye…
  • Preparation - Everything else now comes down to the preparation, we should mention - “Focused Preparation”. Making the efforts count and putting the concepts to work completes the overall objective of the process so followed.

The next junction is just the exams. Following these tips and tricks will act as the catalyst in your preparations and let you achieve better ranks and claim the results you always wanted. Buena Suerte!

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