Changing Times and Changing Approaches to Exams

Changing Times and Changing Approaches to Exams

“Changing Times and Changing Approaches to Exams”

Exams have always been considered as the building blocks of education and career in India, the cradle of academic excellence and the testimony of determination and sincere efforts throughout the year. The fundamentals of the exams have remained the same, but the preferred preparation and modes of learning have evolved with the course of time.

The batch of 2021 is one who has mastered the art of modern learning practices. The changing times and the pandemic turmoil has brought about a transcendental transformation that has cemented the importance of digital learning and the online mode of education in the young minds which keep on testing the conquest between knowledge compromised due to lack of physical mode, and proper division of available time confined in the home spaces.

Owing to the pandemic, closure of schools and continuous cancellation of examinations every now and then has completely altered the way we used to prepare for the examinations whether it be school, college, entrances or competitives. The students are mostly surrounded with the new challenges now, while the older ones are still unsolved. The exam is now a bigger deal than it was previously, said every student who is eyeing especially for IIT-JEEs, NEETs and other entrances. The challenge is not only in the lives of the students, but also the educators and institutions who’s prime motive is always the betterment of student’s performance. But what if everything distances the huge pool of learners from learning!

“Stuck in all book tropes, still craving for the right education…”

This has been the scenario all around. For a while, let’s keep these challenges aside, and remember the fact that every crisis leads to an opportunity - we will realise that this pandemic has also been a catalyst to the existing education system of the nation. Maybe for some, textbooks and teaching might be compromised, but for others, it is really a new way to learn, adapt and prosper to achieve better than before.

Enough talking upon the problems… Let’s now be a part of the solution, ultimately this is what counts. Here are some tips to conquer any exam that you are eyeing up on -

  • Harness the Power of Digitalization: The digital world in itself is the opportunity we need in these unprecedented times. Proper utilization of Digital tools and resources could be the magic wand we always needed to edge our preparations in a better, more effective and accessible way.
  • Be the master of Time: Time is God, money and what not. We can’t leave time management behind, whether it is the normal days or even the pandemic. The best possible way to do so is scrutinizing the time based on the set of priorities you have decided and differentiating it between home and studies.
  • Brushing up knowledge with timely revision: Practice makes everything possible. Remind yourself to recall and revise all the concepts within a pre-decided time period.
  • Maintaining the repository of older data: Compile and collect all the accessible resources online, from friends and from teachers. Maintain this repository of mock tests, unsolved papers, different question banks, practice modules and brainstorming questions to keep you up to the date.
  • Surround yourself where you are NOT Surrounded with distractions: Create a tranquil environment for yourself, where you can stude, concentrate and keep up to your schedule. This space and time so created is necessary for all above tips to bring them into action.
  • Engage yourself in other activities: A healthy and peaceful mind is always ready to learn, unlearn and relearn with the changing times. This edges your versatility that will lead the situations to adopt you, and save yourself from shattering because of the changing situations.

Switching from pen and textbooks to keyboards and computers, black boards to presentations and modules, and physical education to hybrid education, we all have changed and come a long way to adapt ourselves in all modes of learning and examinations, without compromising on right education. Switch to hybrid modes of learning, and balance between the online and offline modes is the best possible solution. Don’t let these times have an undermining effect on your overall learning and learning capabilities, rather, treat it as an opportunity to train yourself by the best utilization of available resources… the resources are infinite, just waiting for you to clinch them and may you be the next topper, at least in the test of times.

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