JEE Preparation: Say 'NO' to Committing Common Mistakes

JEE Preparation: Say 'NO' to Committing Common Mistakes

JEE Preparation: Say 'NO' to Committing Common Mistakes

One of the difficult tests in the nation is the IIT JEE/JEE Advanced. Every year, the competition's stakes climb, so you must comprehend the importance of creating a schedule before doing so. 

You can ensure your merit rank among the top IITs in the nation by developing and implementing a plan of action while studying for the JEE Advanced after passing the JEE main exam.

Along with textbooks, follow a few habits to avoid common mistakes. Mukesh Pareek (AIR 3) from CatalyseR said - you need to be cautious enough to prevent frequent mistakes. When 12+ lakhs of students are taking the JEE to get a spot in one of the IITs - This is the list you should avoid doing it-

Tips To Avoid Common Mistakes in JEE Preparation

Avoid Neglecting School Lectures

Remember that coaching lessons are a crucial part of your support system. But Students frequently ignore their schoolwork because they believe they will make up for it in the coaching class. 

The majority of JEE candidates make this severe error. You can get the most out of coaching classes when you are clear on the basic ideas. So remember to pay attention in school lectures.

Not Focusing on Weak Areas 

After working through several topics and taking practice exams, make it a point to review your answers and identify your weak areas. Students typically speed through their test papers without bothering to evaluate their performance. They don't learn about their areas of weakness from this. If you try to strengthen your areas of weakness, you will perform better.

Lack of Planning

Most JEE applicants study aimlessly, which prevents them from getting the best outcomes from their efforts. Whether or not you recognize its significance, a schedule is one of the finest ways to keep yourself on course. You can adjust your study schedule as per your demands and developments.

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Poor Time Management 

The JEE syllabus is so extensive that it would take a year for any JEE candidate to complete it. But the essential advice is to allot time for topics or needs and stick to the schedule.

Making the Wrong Coaching Institute Selection 

Both parents and students make the wrong coaching institute selection by falling for exaggerated claims and ads. Before spending your hard-earned money, you should weigh the advantages and downsides.

Delaying Regular Study

Nowadays, students believe they will finish everything just a few days before the JEE exam. In that case, you are certainly going in the wrong way. Change your focus immediately and allocate at least 4-5 hours daily to JEE preparation.

Success Mantra

  • Don’t take extreme pressure. 

  • It will be good for you to go with a positive attitude to the exam. 

  • Don’t assume you cannot clear JEE Main and JEE Advanced based on your performance. 

  • Avoid silly mistakes, and you will be good to go.


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