Do's and Don'ts for Class 10 Social Science Exam

Do's and Don'ts for Class 10 Social Science Exam

Do's and Don'ts for Class 10 Social Science Exam

Class 10 Social Science is one of the most important subjects in the CBSE curriculum, which includes History, Geography, Political Science, Economics, and Disaster Management. Students need to prepare for each subject differently to score well in the board exam. 

Subject Wise Understanding

Here are some do's and don'ts for each subject that will help students to ace their class 10 Social Science exam.



  • Start your preparation early and make a timeline chart of events and important dates for better understanding.

  • Go through the syllabus and NCERT textbook thoroughly.

  • Take notes on important events, dates, names and places.

  • Practice writing essays, as it will help you in writing long answers in the exam.

  • Solve previous year question papers and sample papers to get an idea of the types of questions asked in the exam.


  • Do not rely on memorizing dates and events without understanding their significance.

  • Do not leave any chapter or topic unprepared.

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  • Prepare a separate notebook for important terminologies and concepts.

  • Mark the locations of different places, mountains, and rivers on a blank map of India.

  • Refer to NCERT textbooks and solve exercises in every chapter.

  • Practice writing short notes on different topics.

  • Make flowcharts for better understanding of different concepts.

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  • Do not forget to revise the topics frequently.

Political Science


  • Make notes of important terms, definitions, and concepts.

  • Follow current political news and events and relate them to your textbook concepts.

  • Make charts and diagrams for better understanding of political concepts.

  • Refer sample papers and previous year question papers.


  • Do not memorize the concepts without understanding their practical relevance.

  • Do not procrastinate in studying the topics.



  • Follow the syllabus and NCERT textbook.

  • Keep a track of any significant economical change in recent time.


  • Do not skip any topic or concept.

  • Do not memorize the theory without understanding their practical relevance.

Disaster Management


  • Understand the concepts thoroughly and make notes on them.

  • Practice writing short notes on different topics.

  • Refer to NCERT textbooks and solve practice papers.


  • Do not neglect the subject and consider it unimportant.

  • Do not leave any topic or concept unprepared.


Overall, students need to focus on understanding the concepts and not just memorizing them. It is essential to start preparing early, make notes, revise frequently, and solve practice papers to score well in the class 10 Social Science exam. 

By following these do's and don'ts, students can prepare themselves for the exam and achieve a good score.

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