Strategy to Score 250+ marks in JEE Mains 2023

Strategy to Score 250+ marks in JEE Mains 2023

Strategy to Score 250+ marks in JEE Mains 2023

There is no specific method which guarantees that you will score 250+ marks in JEE Main. 

Have you ever thought about how I'll get a 250+ in the JEE in 2022-23? If you want to ace this exam, you must design a perfect strategy and be fully informed about the JEE Main exam. Significantly, he/ she can score good marks in JEE Mains.

JEE Main is a crucial exam, but it's also one of the hardest. Thousands of candidates take the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) each year. 

Candidates experience depression due to their anxiety over failing or not making the merit list. To achieve scores of up to 250+ in JEE Main 2022-23, aspirants must maintain a good mental state while preparing for the exam.

How to Score 250+ marks in JEE Main 2023

Prepare a Study Plan 

Instead of pushing oneself with a loaded study schedule that is challenging to follow, one should create a JEE Main study schedule that corresponds to their learning rate. Following an organised JEE Main study schedule has the following advantages:

  • It promotes consistency academically and prevents procrastination.
  • You can balance your academics, eating, sleeping, and break time.
  • Setting timetables helps reduce workload.
  • Help you organise your studies more efficiently.
  • encourages confidence

JEE Main previous year paper solutions 

You can get a sense which type of questions you might be asked by looking at the previous year JEE Main question papers. 

Examining JEE Main question papers can help you identify the questions to concentrate more on and finally point you in the direction of the solution for how to get a score of more than 250 in JEE Mains. 

To increase speed and accuracy, solve JEE Main exam papers from previous years.

Consistency in Studying 

Regular study is the secret to scoring 250 or higher on the JEE Main. Start studying every day rather than loading yourself up with a ton of material to memorise at the very end. 

Daily learning will unquestionably aid in helping you retain and comprehend ideas. Without combining them with other notions, you can retain ideas for longer.

Create a unique plan of action 

Planning how to prepare is the first step in getting ready, particularly if you haven't yet signed up for coaching. 

You need to establish your schedule and organise the next two years of your life in any way you think would work best for you. 

The main benefit of doing your preparation is that you may select your strategies and plans and assume full responsibility for your achievement.

In a way, this sense of duty causes mild tension, and that is precisely the environment in which you work best.

Revise often

The syllabus needs to be revised. To revise efficiently, follow these steps:

  • Revision is essential since learning new concepts can cause you to forget the ones you already know. The concepts in your head will become sharper by reviewing earlier ones.
  • There must be daily and weekly revisions.
  • Complete your curriculum two to three months in advance so you can devote the remaining time to revision.

Things to avoid

Here is a list of activities you should steer clear of to increase your chances of scoring more than 250 in the JEE Mains during this crucial period of preparation (just three months):

  1. Unhealthy food
  2. Parties
  3. Procrastination
  4. Social Network

Things to keep in Mind

  1. For the JEE Mains, chemistry scores pretty well. You must aim for a 90–100 overall score.
  2. NCERT is sufficient for Physical Chemistry.
  3. You must practise performing well in maths. You can achieve a high grade if you put in the extra effort. For JEE Mains, the coordinate geometry portion has a high-grade average.
  4. It can be challenging to achieve a physics score of 70 to 90. Learn to use shortcuts and methods to finish the task faster. You can read NCERT to understand physics topics, and books like HCV can help you solve problems.

All The Best!!!

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