NTSE Preparation Strategies 2019-2020

NTSE Preparation Strategies 2019-2020
National Talent Search Examination requires months of preparation but more than that an effective preparation strategy. NTSE is a prestigious national level examination that identifies talent students and provides them financially through monthly scholarship. Over 9 lakh students register every year, hence, the competition is tough. Candidates who aspire to be NTSE scholars need to prepare with a good strategy in mind. CatalyseR Experts have mentioned effective strategies to help all the NTSE Scholars prepare well.

Planning is Crucial

Planning is an important aspect of achieving a goal. Plan your day in such a way that you don't waste a single minute on unnecessary activities which would distract you from your goal. Make a daily and a weekly plan with all the important small goals that you would like to achieve on that day like finishing carbon and its compounds or completing two exercises of Maths. Set your goal and try to complete it on that day. These small goals will help you reach big goals.

NCERT Books are Helpful

If you don't understand from where to start your preparation then go through your NCERT book first. NTSE is based on NCERT syllabus only so preparing from NCERT books will never go to waste. Make all the important notes from between your chapters and revise them properly.

Don't Forget to Practice

Practice is the key to be better at anything. If you are not good at something then practice it until you perfect it, and if you happen to be perfect at something then practice to maintain it. Practice the sheets provided by CatalyseR as they are finely drafted by NTSE experts after years of research.

Test Yourself

Competitive exams are all about testing your knowledge, abilities, and time management. Testing yourself every now and then will help you analyze your preparation - strengths, and weaknesses. Attempt sample papers and mock tests and finish them within the given deadline. This would help you optimize your time, speed, accuracy and will give you a clear picture of which questions take you more time. So, you get to know in what sequence you should attempt the actual NTSE paper.


Revision is the most important thing. Your brain needs time to understand and remember information in detail. The more you'll revise the better it will be registered in your memory especially for the preparation of theoretical subjects like history, geography, civics, etc. These are the most followed strategies by the CatalyseRians. If you follow these strategies whole-heartedly then you will conquer your goal of becoming an NTSE Scholar.
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