KVPY 2019 Preparation Tips

KVPY 2019 Preparation Tips
KVPY aims to encourage young students to take up research work in the field of science and technology. This year, the exam is scheduled to be held on 3 November 2019 in an online mode. The exam consists of two stages: the aptitude test and a personal interview. Candidates need to prepare well for this aptitude test to improve their chances of receiving a fellowship. Here, we provide you several preparation tips for KVPY 2019.

Prepare for KVPY 2019 and JEE/AIPMT simultaneously

If a candidate is a JEE/AIPMT aspirants then preparation for KVPY can be done along with JEE/AIPMT. The syllabus for KVPY is same as JEE or AIPMT. Questions in KVPY are of JEE advance level. Hence, candidates can simultaneously prepare for their entrance exam as well as KVPY fellowship.

Effective Study Material

Effective preparation can only be done by preparing through the effective study material. Choose the right study material for the preparation of KVPY. You can refer to NCERT for your learning the fundamentals and core concepts. RD Sharma for Mathematics, HC Verma for Physics, and AIPMT guide by MTG are some good options to study from.

Subject-wise Preparation

Biology is considered to be the easiest section as compared to others in KVPY. A thorough study of topics from Class 9 and 10 is required for SA stream. Practice MCQ, diagrams and their labeling. Practice answers to improve answer formation. Make your own notes while studying complex topics. Most of the questions in Chemistry are reaction and property-based. You are expected to have a thorough understanding of organic, physical, and inorganic chemistry. To study organic chemistry, start the preparations from the basics and then move towards complex topics. For Physical Chemistry, clear concepts are crucial. Practice enough problems every time to study a topic and be thorough with all the formulae. Inorganic chemistry involves memorizing so study your NCERT books properly. The practice is the key to ace Mathematics section. There is no other way to be better at Maths than practice. In KVPY Maths, candidates face a lot of IQ based questions as well. Make sure you have your concepts clear, important theorems and shortcuts memorized, and have all the formulae on your fingertips. Physics is considered tough in KVPY. It requires a thorough understanding of fundamentals and mathematics applications to solve problems. Practice conceptual questions to improve your concepts. Most KVPY Physics questions will test each candidate’s analytical skills. The golden rule of preparation for any subject is a consistent practice. Make sure to practice using sample papers and practice sheets.

Test Yourself

Testing yourself before the final test always proves to be effective. Mock tests are the finest exam tool to analyze where you stand in your preparation. These mock tests help in identifying candidates strengths and weaknesses in each subject. KVPY is conducted online, so candidates must attempt some online mock tests to gain familiarity with the exam mode as well as exam pattern. Sometimes candidates who are not acquainted with computer-based test format get confused and nervous during the actual exam. It’s better to be prepared beforehand to avoid these barriers.

KVPY Previous Years Papers

Previous years papers are effective for improving your paper solving the speed and answer accuracy. Solve these previous years’ papers to get a fair idea of the kind of questions one can expect in the forthcoming KVPY examination. These papers will also help you analyze the difficulty level of the exam. Previous years papers are also effective for optimizing your time. Solve these papers like an actual exam paper within the given deadline for better preparation.

Preparation for KVPY Interview

It is difficult to predict the kind of questions that could be asked in the forthcoming KVPY interview. Candidate must prepare for the interview by dwelling deep inside the world of scientific knowledge. Watch Science related videos, read papers, go to conferences to prepare for the interview. Most of the time they would ask questions related to the details you fill in the form before the aptitude test, so fill only your strong points. Practice speaking in front of a mirror, this will increase your confidence. Consistent practice is needed to get positive results in KVPY exam 2019. Candidates are requested to follow the above-given tips whole-heartedly to ace the examination. If you're looking for more information related to KVPY 2019 the stay tuned to CatalyseR.in
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