How to Stick to Your Study Schedule During Diwali Celebrations

How to Stick to Your Study Schedule During Diwali Celebrations

How to Stick to Your Study Schedule During Diwali Celebrations

No matter which part of the world you live in, Diwali is going to be an exciting occasion. This time of year brings with it a variety of rituals and celebrations for people of different religions. It’s also a great time for many people to get together with friends and family. 

To keep up with all these activities, plan and stick to your study schedule as much as possible.

Here are some tips to help you maintain focus during Diwali celebrations:

Stay Organised During Diwali Celebrations

Many people spend time studying and preparing for upcoming exams during Diwali. Students may want to review their notes from the previous year or work on new topics for their upcoming tests. Others may want to study for the IIT Mains exam they will face in the future. 

Regardless of what they are studying, they should set aside time each day to do so. By taking small breaks throughout the day, it will be easier to keep up with their studies. This allows them to stay focused and feel more prepared when they get back to it later on.

Devote a few hours to core subjects

During the Diwali vacations, try to assign 2 hours for the core subjects and revise all the topics that you have already completed. 

By doing so, you keep to the syllabus and know which subjects or topics need to be covered again for the reassessment.

Watch Out For Distractions

There are a number of distractions that can potentially cause you to miss out on your IIT preparation during Diwali. First and foremost, keep an eye on your syllabus and plan a study schedule for the holidays. If you lose track of time, you could easily get distracted and miss out on the planned topics to be covered during this interval. 

So try to take simple topics or subjects during this vacation time so that you can learn and, and at the same time, enjoy the celebrations.

Another potential distraction is having a smartphone or tablet nearby when you’re checking out. Diwali is the time when you connect with your friends and dear ones over the call, or text. 

But set a timer or alarm while using the phone so that you remember to end the conversation and get back to your studies. 

Take up one chapter at a time

To make a balance between Diwali celebrations and IIT preparations, try to take one chapter at a time. Whenever short intervals occur during Diwali preparations, start with the planned chapter and stick with it until the task is completed.

This is the best way to enjoy the festivities along with the studies. And when you are done with the planned syllabus, you feel relaxed and feel festive vibes without any stress. It will enhance your joy and you will celebrate the festival with full fervour.


It is not particularly difficult to follow this checklist but maintaining the routine calls for discipline. The practice will pay off with solid concepts and ultimately higher exam performance, even though the results might not be immediately apparent.

Utilise this festive time to enjoy with family and friends, cheer every moment, and simultaneously manage some time to follow these tips. Make memories and go back to achieve your study goal with full dedication and concentration. 

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