Easiest and Fastest Way to Memorise the Formulas for JEE

Easiest and Fastest Way to Memorise the Formulas for JEE

Today, in this blog, we will discuss the easiest and fastest ways to memorise the formulas for JEE. Formulas are an important part of subjects such as Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Mastering the skill of memorizing formulas is a vital step towards passing the IIT JEE with a good score.

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Important points to keep in mind:

  • Not all formulas are equally important.

  • The difficulty level of these formulas varies too.

  • You should choose different ways to learn different formulas.

Tips to Memorise the Formulas

Take the Formulae Tests Regularly

  • Get into a routine of going through the formulas every day.

  • Take the JEE Formulas Test every day.

  • Use the JEE Question Bank or the Online Test to practice and test your knowledge of the formulas.

  • The more you practice, the better you will get at the formulas.

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Prepare a Mnemonic Code to Memorise Formulas

  • Mnemonic codes are very simple. You take some commonly used words and symbols and associate them with the formulae you want to memorise.

  • Create a distinct pattern for the formulas in your memory.

  • Create mnemonics by singing equations aloud, putting them into a riddle, or connecting the alphabets and numbers in the formulas to objects that are not mathematical so that you may remember them later.

Keep a Small Book Always Handy

  • It is an amazing technique to memorise the formulas for JEE.

  • Use a small book to make notes on the formulas and create mnemonic codes for them.

  • Write down the formula and its meaning in a simple manner.

Create Sticky Notes

  • It is another effective way to memorise the formulas.

  • You can use paper or a computer to do this. You can even create wall scrolls with these formulas on them.

  • Create distinct sections for physics, math, and chemistry.

  • Put the sticky notes and post them on the walls of your bedroom for constant revision.

Final Word

Practicing formulas is the key to your success. You need to practice them regularly, in as many different ways as possible, until you come to know them by heart.

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