Faculty Development Program @ CatalyseR

CatalyseR brings for you an opportunity that you would cherish for life.
An opportunity that gives you a chance to be associated with CatalyseR as a senior faculty and live a life that you always dreamed of.
This program is open to all those who want to make their career as an IIT-JEE Faculty.

THE FDP (Faculty Development Program)
CatalyseR every year trains people who are having passion to teach but somehow wants to develop themselves to the highest level of an IIT-JEE faculty. We develop them through a residential two months Program at CatalyseR Indore. The program consists of
1. Way to improve the delivery of class room lectures.
2. Learning from the recorded video lectures of SR Faculties.

3. Regular content test and its analysis by senior trainers.

1. Develop yourself to the level of an IIT-JEE faculty.
2. During FDP, the trainees will get perks as decided during the interview held before the induction to the FDP.
3. After the successful completion of the FDP, the trainees will be absorbed by CatalyseR as an IIT-JEE faculty at its various centers all across the nation.
4. Get calibrated on methodologies used for national level student orientation programs.
5. Chance to mentor All India Toppers.

Eligibility Criteria to Apply:
Fresher, school teachers & individuals from academic background who are currently working with and outside CatalyseR are eligible to apply for this program.

How to Apply: Applicants who meet eligibility criteria can apply by clicking the below link.

Selection Process:
1. 1st Sunday of every month, there will be an online test conducted which can be attended by the applicant.
2. The test paper will comprise of questionnaire equitant to NCERT Level of 11th & 12th of your respective chosen topic.
3. Applicants can choose any of the Combinations with respective to their subject from the below table (Annexure 1) for the Content Test.

Annexure 1.

  Combination 1 Combination 2 Combination 3
Physics Kinematics+ Newton’s Law of motion & Friction (P1) Electrostatics (without capacitor) + Current Electricity (P2) Geometrical Optics + Waves (P3)
Chemistry Atomic Structure + Solution (C1) Co-ordination Compound + Isomerism(C2) General Organic Chemistry + Chemical Equilibrium (C3)
Maths Trigonometry + Functions (M1) Complex Numbers + Integration (M2) Straight Lines + Circles


Biology Animal Kingdom(B1) Plant Kingdom (B2) Genetics


  • Applicants who clear the Test will receive a Congratulations mail/call stating that the respective individual is shortlisted from the test.
  • Once received the Confirmation Mail/Call, the applicant will require to send us a Demo Video for a duration of 7 to 10 Mins in which he/she will shoot his/her own Lecture based on the sample video shared through the Congratulations Mail.
  • Based on the Demo Video, Finalized Candidates will be declared Select and will be called to discuss on the Remuneration and Joining Dates.

So Hurry!!!! Grab this opportunity and live your life to the fullest.

Note: In case of any changes in the Test Date. It will be informed to you.

For any queries contact 9174408557