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About CatalyseR Ahmedabad

CatalyseR, from its center in Ahmedabad, has reached out to a large number of students who’ve been keen and have the potential to prepare for IIT/ Medical entrance exams. Our expert faculty at Ahmedabad has been providing a focused, result oriented education framework to the students. From providing round the clock facility to the students to ask their queries and resolve any difficulties, the CatalyseR’s Ahmedabad facility also has a student portal to ensure students do not miss on updates, receiving study material on time, practice on test materials and much more.

Students have shown excellent performance in preparation as well as in exams, and this has strengthened our aim to ensure we reach out to every potential candidate and help him/ her to nurture with best possible facilities.

Best IIT JEE and NTSE Coaching in Ahmedabad

Catalyser is the best coaching for IIT JEE and NTSE preparation in Ahmedabad, Gujarat with outstanding IIT JEE & NTSE results over the years to back it up.

Best IIT JEE, NTSE Coaching in Ahmedabad

Best IIT JEE and NTSE Results in Ahmedabad

Catalyser has achieved perfect score many time in JEE Results Many zonal toppers and brought laurels to the institute and state of Gujarat. 18 students from Calatyser have secured marks above 250 which is an incredible record. 529 out of 698 students have qualified for JEE (Advanced). Catalyser has the record to have most students from the city, qualified to get into the prestigious IITs, IISc, IIST, the premier institutes of research, engineering, and technology, as the results of the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Advanced 2018 was declared by the IIT, the organizer of the exam.

Exam Pattern for IIT JEE mains is changed in 2019 by NTA, it’s important to keep track of important dates. JEE mains result will declare on January 31, 2019, and of second paper will be in May 2019, NTA will release the JEE Main 2019 qualifying cutoff along with the result in the first week of February.

How to crack JEE in Ahmedabad?

Are you one of those students who has been told that IIT JEE is next to impossible to crack? That it takes years of dedication and exceptional intelligence to crack it? Well, nothing could be more wrong and far from the truth. IIT JEE is an exam that can be cracked with the right strategy and direction.

The Joint Entrance Examination (JEE), formerly the India Institute of Technology Joint Entrance Examination (IIT-JEE) is a standardized test used for admission to engineering programs in India. The JEE, which replaced the IIT-JEE in 2013, is comprised of multiple-choice questions that test the applicant’s knowledge in several engineering-related fields. The JEE is offered at two levels: JEE Main and JEE Advanced, the latter being required for certain selective programs. Like with any serious academic test, thorough preparation is key to earn a good score on the JEE.

Tips to crack IIT JEE –

  • Proper Planning
  • Time Management
  • Revise while you devise
  • Study from the right books
  • Improve Your Concentration And Application Skills
  • Study With Patience And Attention
  • Practice Reactions

IIT JEE Study Material for IIT JEE (Main & Advance) in Ahmedabad:

Being an IIT JEE aspirant, having a good hold over the concepts is always important. JEE is designed to test student’s capability to hold and Use Concepts taught in school. To crack JEE, it’s important to have the right set of tools, and Study material is one of the most crucial ones. JEE aspirants have to jumble b/w Boards and JEE, thus it’s also important to have the right books so student’s don’t waste their time.


Mathematics tests your Logical reasoning and problem-solving power. Many books seem to claim, their Wins but books like R.D. Sharma actually proved their Claim. R.D. Sharma solidify the student’s concepts. which is very important for the students.


Physics is one of the most interesting subjects, it tests your ability to imagine to your mathematical thinking. Physics best book in our opinion is HCV. HCV, helped many students to twist their minds break wrong concepts and build the one important, and also with this Newton’s Principia is the heaven Student looks for the Classical Mechanics. The principal actually stretches student to the level where students can make their own concepts.


Chemistry Is a tricky subject but it’s a scoring subject, while most students run away from it but it can be life to save in the war zone of JEE exam hall. Chemistry’s fear can run away, with the help of NCERT. Odd but true NCERT covers most of the part of JEE.

Additional Guides

Though that book should do your 50% of things, that’s not enough. Being a JEE aspirant, it’s always important to know what to expect. Test series is the best way to work on them. Test series helps students to get an idea what to expect and also get your own tricks for the tests.

Students Experience:-

Students have the best experience from the Catalyser, even after passing out students still come and visit catalyzer faculties to meet them. Catalyser treats every student like a family and has helped students with giving everything at one place from questions to test series.

Benefits of Free Study Material

While preparing For exams it’s always good to have some free options in hands. There are many great websites but Sites Like EMbibe have great Concept and test series. Many students gave a pretty good response to Embibe. But in the end, Free course has many drawbacks.

IIT JEE Mains and Advanced exams require

All over India, there are so many competitive exams but, IIT JEE always been the most prestigious exam. IIT JEE has many eligibility criteria for admission, it can be a raveled story of destruction. But no worries, team Catalyser is here to cater your needs. We have compiled all the important criteria that are required to be eligible for IIT JEE.

The philosophy behind Study Material for JEE Mains and Advanced

The philosophy behind the Catalyser’s Course structure is to concentrate on the important parts of the course cutting out the useless information. Catalyser’s course was designed after years of research and hit and tries.

How catalyzer’s study material help a student study in a better way?

Catalyser’s Course structure is designed, keeping mind, boards and also JEE. The course material is designed by compiling the old papers and patterns, also it has the tricks to solve papers.

Our Experts and Guidance

In the end, It’s always good to have Expert on your Side, Catalyser has an army of friendly experts. Who has a solid hold over their stream?

5 Smart Tips to Prepare for IIT-JEE (Main) 2019

The time has come for another fiercely competitive round of examination, to crack JEE (Main) 2019. Barely two and a half months are remaining and it is time for IIT aspirants to buckle up their preparation gear to perform their best.

To begin with, an IIT aspirant should assess the pattern of the examination from the official website of the Joint Entrance Examination (Main). As per the new scheme by National Testing Agency (NTA), the JEE (Main) will be conducted twice in this year, the first time in January 2019 and the second time in April 2019. A new system for evaluation has been introduced i.e. ‘Normalization procedure based on Percentile Score’. Through this procedure, it will be easier to compare candidates’ scores across multi-session papers and candidates will be neither benefited nor disadvantaged due to the difference in the difficulty level of papers.

Here, we present 5 highly effective and smart tips to prepare for IIT-JEE (Main) 2019:

1. Do not take JEE (Main) lightly

There lies a difference in preparation strategies for freshers and droppers for appearing in JEE (Main) in the month of January. Especially for freshers, they must not take JEE (Main) lightly. In general, students focus more on the preparation of JEE (Advanced), presuming that JEE (Main) is just for the purpose of acquiring the cut-off marks, which is completely wrong. There is an advantage of scoring high in JEE (Main), it will provide you with more options to choose from premier institutes like IIIT-Hyderabad, top NITs. Moreover, it will boost your morale for JEE (Advanced). I remember there was a student of mine, who appeared for BITSAT to get admission in BITS, Pilani, just five days prior to his JEE (Advanced) examination. He scored 390 marks out of 450 in BITSAT. This result raised his confidence to such a high level that he scored AIR within 500 in JEE (Advanced) when he was not expecting himself to be in top 2000 even.

2. Learn those topics which are not there in JEE (Advanced) syllabus

In Physics, topics like Semiconductor devices, Earth’s magnetism, Optical instruments, Diffraction-Polarization, Magnetism and Matter; and in Mathematics, topics like Mathematical reasoning, Boolean and Algebra, Linear Programming carries weight in JEE (Main), but they are not in the syllabus of JEE (Advanced). So, students think that they do not need to focus on these topics. But, JEE (Main) will involve around 5 to 6 very easy NCERT-based questions of these topics. If students skip these topics, then they will be relying heavily upon all their tough questions to be absolutely correct. Additionally, preparation of these topics before the JEE (Main) January 2019 will also be advantageous for their 12th board examination.

3. JEE (Main) is all about accuracy with speed

Try to solve 150 multiple choice questions daily (50 of each subject) for a duration of 4 hours. Even while practicing, make sure that you manage your time wisely while juggling between which questions to attempt, which questions do not, as you will be doing during the actual examination. Ultimately, all that will matter in the examination will be attempting more number of questions. For example, last year, there was a girl who lacked confidence for her preparation in Mathematics for JEE (Main). She scored exceptionally well in Physics and Chemistry, but in Mathematics, she was only able to attempt 20 of the given 30 questions, out of which 4 were incorrect. So, her final score was only 60 out of 120 marks in Mathematics. What she could have done differently was, if she would have attempted all the 30 questions, and even if, 8 answers would have been incorrect, in that case, she might have been able to score 80 out of 120 marks. These 20 marks would have raised her rank at least by 500. So, an important aspect is attempting more number of questions. For that, you need to concentrate more on expediting your speed.

4. Revise previous year question papers and CatalyseR module

Students put more emphasis on solving questions from a variety of books. But, before practicing from any new book, they must finish off previous year question papers of JEE (Main) as well as JEE (Advanced) along with CatalyseR’s module, as solving previous year question papers will certainly give you a great amount of confidence and will make you realize that these examinations are not that difficult.

5. Take Tests regularly

Ensure to attend all weekly tests. After each test, give it a comprehensive analysis and figure out your weak areas. Till December, try to improve upon these weak areas. However, do not be obsessed with your weak areas in the last minute. Even the best of my students who have scored AIR 3, AIR 6, AIR 29 and consecutive ranks had weak areas and anybody can commit a silly mistake. The only way you can minimize this risk is by appearing in maximum tests and doing revision repeatedly. 

Therefore, after December, shift your entire focus towards revision and keep hold of your strong areas because the areas where your strength lies will be indispensable for scoring high.

Good Luck for the examination..!!

About Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad also known as Amdavad is the largest city and former capital of Gujarat, which is a state in India. It is the administrative headquarters of the Ahmedabad district and the seat of the Gujarat High Court. With a population of more than 6.3 million and an extended population of 7.8 million, it is the sixth largest city and seventh largest metropolitan area of India. Ahmedabad is located on the banks of the Sabarmati River, 30 km (19 mi) from the state capital Gandhinagar, which is its twin city.

Best IIT JEE, NTSE Coaching in Ahmedabad


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201-202, Iskon Center, Shivranjani
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Call Us ✆ 9377806043, 9174408552

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